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    1. By participating in the Contest, the Participant/Contestant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these T&Cs. Participation in this Contest is at your sole discretion and on a voluntary basis.
    2. The Participant/Contestant’s participation in the Contest shall be deemed an unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these T&Cs. All entry instructions and any other specific details relating to the Contest or the prizes form part of these T&Cs.
    3. RADIO ONE reserves the sole right to terminate the Contest at any time without giving prior notice. All decisions of RADIO ONE in any matter relating to the Contest shall be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained.
    4. A failure by RADIO ONE to enforce any of these T&Cs in any instances will not give rise to any claim by any person.
    5. RADIO ONE reserves the right to amend these T&Cs at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.
    6. The Participant/Contestant must read the T&Cs from time to time at www.radioone.in to be fully aware of the T&C’s.
    7. The Participant/Contestant has made certain representations and warranties to RADIO ONE in applying for a place on the Contest. RADIO ONE has relied on the accuracy and truth of such representations and warranties in granting a place to the Participant/Contestant. 
    8. Should RADIO ONE or its agents become aware of any fraud, deceit or similar action undertaken in connection with the Contest or otherwise, or any act or omission which might have an adverse effect on the Contest, RADIO ONE reserves the right to forfeit the Participant/Contestant’s place in the Contest (without giving any reason and without notice).
    1. All Participants/Contestants must be above the age of 16 years and have valid residence documents. In case of any minor, the participation will be with the consent of parents or guardian. 
    2. RADIO ONE reserves the right to disqualify a Participant/Contestant and/or withhold or recover the Prize in the event:
      1. The Participant/Contestant is in breach of any of T&Cs or any of the obligations, warranties and/or representations made under this Agreement;
      2. Participant/Contestant’s conduct is inappropriate contrary to the spirit or intention of the T&Cs or of the Contest;
      3. The Participant/Contestant has committed or undertaken any fraud, dishonesty, deceit, misconduct or similar action including providing any false or incorrect information;
      4. An act(s) or omission(s) by the Participant/Contestant which might have an adverse effect on RADIO ONE;
      5. It is in RADIO ONE’s best interests to do so.
    3. RADIO ONE reserves the right to announce another participating contestant as the Winner if the selected winner defaults on any of the T&Cs.
    4. RADIO ONE employee, spouses and immediate relatives are prohibited from participating in the Contest.
    5. The Participant/Contestant should able to speak in English for conversing with RADIO ONE, mentor and judges. No translator shall be provided by RADIO ONE.
    6. No family member should have a problem with the Participant/Contestant’s participation. In the event, the parents of a Participant create any problem, then, Participant/Contestant shall be solely responsible for resolving the dispute within 24 hours. RADIO ONE reserves the right to remove the Participant/Contestant with immediate effect.
    1. The Contest activity starts from 14th December 2020 till 10th February 2021 for listeners/participant of the Contest namely “INTERNATIONAL ICON” being broadcasted on RADIO ONE’s Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore Stations. The Contest period maybe reduced/extended at the sole discretion of RADIO ONE.
    2. Contest Mechanics:
      1. Contest registration will commence from Dec 28th 2020 and conclude on 31st January 2021.
      2. Participant/Contestant can participate and/or register by sending a 25 seconds seconds singing video via WhatsApp at +91- 9967743943/8880943943/8108943943  or upload it on their digital handles with the hashtag #borntosing.
      3. The video must clearly show the Participant/Contestant performing, & his/her face should be clearly identifiable. Any cost (internet usage, purchase of phones / computers etc.) of participating online will be borne exclusively by the Participant(s).
      4. RADIO ONE will setup an internal panel to review all Participants/ Contestants entries for the Contest and two Contestants/participants will be shortlisted every week as per the sole discretion of RADIO ONE’s internal panel.
      5. The best Three (03) Contestants will be selected for Finale and out of these, One (01) Contestant will be selected as Winner for the Prize.
      6. The finalists will be judged by the Jury/Judges comprising of Shaggy and the Winner will awarded by the Jury/Judges with the title of ‘International Icon”.
      7. RADIO ONE reserves its right to select the Winner of the Contest as per internal selection process. Such declaration of Winner by RADIO ONE shall be final and the participant hereby waives all rights to object or question such decision of RADIO ONE.
      8. RADIO ONE reserves its right to disqualify any entry if it’s not deemed suitable for the contest as per its sole discretion.
    3. Gratification: 
      1. The Winner will get a chance to promote its one song produced and recorded (on its own cost) by the Winner on RADIO ONE Radio Station, subject to Radio one approval. 
      2. RADIO ONE will promote the above-said song on its Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore radio station (whichever is applicable) for a week thrice a day for a period of 10 days.
      3. The Winner agrees and warrants that the above-said song which to be promoted on the RADIO ONE radio station as the Prize, (a) is the original work or (b) he/she has all required license and /or approvals to use the song, and in no manner infringes on any third party’s intellectual or privacy rights and shall keep RADIO ONE harmless and indemnified this regard all the times. 
      4. The Prize shall be non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.  The Winner will be sent an agreement along with the T&Cs, letter of acceptance and other documents. The Winner will then have to sign and return the same along with its Address and Identity proof.
    4. All entries will be treated as the property of RADIO ONE only and can be used by RADIO ONE (or any third party authorized by RADIO ONE in this regard) for any promotional and / or commercial activity & the Participants/Winner(s) waive all rights of whatsoever nature in the said entries in favour of RADIO ONE by participating in the Contest.
    5. The Participant/Contestant, at all times, remains fully and solely liable and responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views. RADIO ONE will not be responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views, and any claims, damages, outrage arising due to the comments, pictures or videos posted by the Participant/Contestant on the social media platform. 
    6. All right, title and interest, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights, in the promotional material(s) and all Contest related material shall vest solely and exclusively with Radio One at all times. All material submitted in connection with the Contest by the Participant (whether written, electronic or visual form, or a combination of those) or any photographs linked to your participation in connection with the Contest are assigned to Radio One upon participation and become the property of Radio One exclusively. Radio One may use the material in any medium in any manner it sees fit in connection with the Contest. All intellectual property, including without limitation, any copyrights, trademarks, designs and know how (“Intellectual Property”) relating to Radio One products shall belong to Radio One.
    7. This Contest is being created as a promotional activity for RADIO ONE and all goodwill, copyright, or other intellectual rights associated thereto shall vest exclusively with RADIO ONE.
    1. ​The Winner is eligible for Prize mentioned in clause 3.3 subject to production of valid documents for Photo ID proof/Valid Passport at RADIO ONE office, in Delhi. 
    2. All Prizes are non-transferable and may not be given, assigned or sold to another person.
    3. Winner will be liable to pay the taxes and other statutory fees (if any) as applicable on the Prize. Tax deductible at source under Income Tax Act is applicable for any prize exceeding the value of Rs. 10,000/- The Winner is liable to bear all related costs and charges incurred during collection, acceptance or avail of the Prize.  At no point Winner shall make RADIO ONE liable or responsible for any additional charges to be paid by the Winner for claiming/availing the prizes.
    4. The Contestant shall claim the prize on the date and time informed by RADIO ONE. If not claimed RADIO ONE reserves the right to forfeit the prize and has the sole discretion to announce another contestant as the Winner.
    5. The Winner shall be required to produce/submit photo identity/address proof as and when required by RADIO ONE. The Winner may be required to sign the T&Cs herein before accepting the Prize. In case false/fake identification details are submitted, the concerned participant/Winner shall be disqualified immediately from the Contest.
    1. The Contestant shall NOT hold RADIO ONE, its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates and other partners, liable whatsoever for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, liabilities, injury, whether special, direct, indirect or consequential suffered by the Contestant howsoever arising in connection with the Contest and/or Prize.
    2. The decision of our judges is final and conclusive in all circumstances.
    3. The Contestant agrees to indemnify RADIO ONE its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates and other partners against all costs, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities (including for loss of reputation and goodwill and professional advisor’s fees) suffered by arising as a result of a breach by Contestant of obligations under the T&Cs or in any way in connection with failure to follow reasonable instructions with regard to entry into the Contestant or collection/avail of any Prize.
    4. RADIO ONE shall not be liable to any person or entity for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of profits, incurred by the Winner or any third party, whether in connection with this Contest, or for breach of any warranty or in tort.
    5. RADIO ONE shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Participants/Contestants while participating in the Contest.
    6. This Contest is being made purely on a "best effort" basis and participating in this Contest is voluntary. By participating in the Contest, you will be legally bound hereby, to release from liability, and hold harmless Radio One and any of its / their affiliates, employees or agents representing or related to Radio One in relation to this Contest, including the Prizes or for any errors and omissions or any illegal acts by You or non-compliance with any Government directives. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries (including death), property loss or damage, and misuse of the benefits/ Prizes offered under this Contest, in connection with any activity or directly or indirectly, by reason of the acceptance, possession, or participation in the Contest, even if caused or contributed to by our negligence. By participating in this Contest, you agree to indemnify and/ or any of its respective officers/employees from and against all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of the Prize or participation in the Contest including (but not limited to) personal injury and damage to property and whether direct, indirect, consequential, foreseeable, due to some illegal, negligent act or omission, or otherwise. You shall be liable for all the personal taxation that might arise out of the winnings from this Contest and shall not hold Radio One and/ or its affiliates responsible for payment of the same and/ or any dispute arising in relation thereof.
    1. RADIO ONE shall not be liable to the Contestants for any delay or non-performance of its obligations under this Agreement arising from any cause or causes beyond its control including, without limitation, any of the following:  act of God, governmental act, war, fire, flood, explosion, civil commotion or industrial dispute, armed hostilities, act of terrorism, revolution, blockade, embargo, strike, lock-out, sit-in or regulatory intervention.
    1. Winner(s) must as a condition of the Prize participate in all required publicity and promotional activities organised by RADIO ONE.
    2. The Winner shall not without the specific prior written consent of RADIO ONE publish or disclose any information in connection with the Contest or the Prize (in particular, without limitation, to a representative of the media, in whatever form).
    3. The Winner shall not be entitled to give interviews or be involved in articles or reports in respect of the Contest or the Prize with any third party. All rights in relation to the Contest and the Winner’s involvement therein shall vest exclusively with RADIO ONE.
    4. The Winner agrees to undertake as requested by RADIO ONE all interviews, Contest and other activities and to the reproduction, publication, exhibition, transmission and broadcast by all means and media throughout the world at the discretion of RADIO ONE in perpetuity.
    5. Without limitation to any other rights under this Agreement, RADIO ONE shall be entitled to refer to the Winner’s association with the Contest and the Prize in all publicity, marketing and Contest material in connection therewith.
  8. Personal Information:
    1. You agree that for the purpose of operating this Contest, Contest Partners may collect personal and/or sensitive personal information (“Personal Data”) from You. Such Personal Data will be used by Radio One and/or the Contest Partner for the purpose of operating this Contest. Providing Personal Information is voluntary; however, failure to provide such data shall result in your inability to participate in the Contest. Participants eligible for a Prize give their consent to the collection and processing of such Personal Information. In addition to the above, please visit the Privacy Notice of the Contest Organiser at http://www.radioone.in/.to understand why your Personal Data is collected and what we do with it. In addition to the same, please find attached Radio One’s Privacy Notice which is appended to these terms and conditions and which are specific to this Contest. Please note that your acceptance of these terms and conditions is deemed to signify your agreement to these Privacy Notices, including without limitation to the collection, use, transfer, storage, handling or otherwise processing your Personal Data in accordance with terms hereof.
    2. We reserve the right to refuse to issue Prizes to the winners unless they provide  their Personal Data necessary to release the Prize and to perform other activities to run the Contest. Participants authorize Contest Partner to use the Personal Data sent to the Contest in connection with the Contest.
    3. By accepting these terms and conditions you also hereby give your consent to Radio One or any other third party nominated by Radio One to carry out profiling of your anonymized data made available through Contest Partner for this reason transfer of your Personal Data to such third parties. Radio One and/or Contest Partner will take the necessary measures to secure and keep safe, either directly or through third parties, any such information that You may have shared. 
    4. It is important to remember that whatever You transmit or disclose can be collected and used by others or unlawfully intercepted by third-parties. No data transmission can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. While We strive to use commercially reasonable means to protect Your information, We cannot warrant the security of any information You transmit to us.
    5. Your personal information may be retained and may continue to be used until: (i) the relevant purposes for the use of Your information described in this clause are no longer applicable; and (ii) We and/or Contest Partner are no longer required by applicable law, regulations, contractual obligations or legitimate business purposes to retain Your personal information and the retention of Your personal information is not required for the establishment, exercise or defense of any legal claim.
    1. The Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The Courts/Tribunals at Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes, differences and, or, any other matters in relation to and arising out of the Contest and/or pertaining to the rules and regulations and/or to the subject matter of these T&Cs.